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Snowy Times Square

It’s the winter that won’t end… 

Fulton Center

The Fulton Transportation Center opened here in NY yesterday. It’s a thing of beauty. As you can see, many subway lines converge at this point in lower Manhattan. The skylight is the focal point, everyone was looking up.

The freedom tower is one block away, too. If you’re in the area, it’s worth a visit.




Shepard Fairey is known world wide for his unique style of street art. We’re lucky here in NYC that he’s done a few pro installations, one of which is pictured here. It’s located at Broome Street and Bowery in SoHo.



Tour Group Shirts

It’s a common sight to see tour groups in NYC. Often, especially with younger groups, the organizers issue bright shirts to make it easy to spot kids gone astray and make it easier to stay together.

Looking out my window on to 42nd street I frequently see the groups going by. Here’s a photo of a pink group about a week ago and a purple group today.

Happy sightseeing!


Do we need this many Elmo’s?

As you walk through Times Square on a nice day, you’ll pass many “characters” looking to pose for pictures with people and promptly collect a tip for the privilege. However, it’s competitive out there and now it seems theres no boundaries on how many of the same character can work the same corner or area. Here are a few photos from this past week of just how many Elmo’s there were competing for people’s dollars.


IMG_8343 IMG_8342


It was a sea of umbrellas on my way to Penn Station last night. This is the corner of 7th Ave and 34th street looking South.


Vintage Bus in Times Square

NY City has a cool program where they bring out old busses and subway trains for the holidays. I’ve included a link to the MTA’s web page about the program.

This bus was stopped right in front of my office, you can see the Spider Man Broadway show across the street. It turns out it broke down here, which gave me a good opportunity to snap a photo with my iPhone. Here’s the info on this particular bus and then the link to the web site. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Bus No. 2969 – Manufactured by General Motors, this Model TDH 5101 was specifically designed for New York City in 1949, which featured the double-width front door to expedite the loading and unloading of customers.  This bus is known as the Jackie Gleason bus, which the comedian portrayed as the bus driver “Ralph Kramden” in the classic television show “The Honeymooners.”

Bus 2969

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

I heard on the news that the tree had been delivered to Rockefeller Plaza, so I decided to walk over at lunch to check it out. Here it is being set in place.

Next photo will be after it’s been lit up!


Balloon Dog

This guy is outside Rock Center today. A cool $35-55M will allow you to take him home to your house.


Building Boom Box

Speakers anyone?


The Tour Bus You May Want To Skip

Saw this bus of tourists go by today…but look closely…I don’t think they’re feeling too well. :-)


Another Interesting Vehicle

Adding to the collection of weird cars and trucks I’ve seen is this one…anyone know what it is?


Green Truck

Why doesn’t Spidey do it?

This is a photograph of a sign company changing the light bulbs on the sign at the theater where the Spiderman Broadway show plays. I wondered, why do they need a sign company with a bucket truck to change the bulbs? Can’t Spiderman just web his way up there and do it?


New Victory Bulb Change

The Ride

The bus in the photo is a special tour bus here in NYC. It’s set up so the seats face to the side instead of the front. They are auditorium style and everyone looks out through the floor to ceiling glass windows on the left. If you look closely at the bus, you can see what I mean. 

My new office looks down on to 42nd Street and I snapped this with my iPhone because I thought it was funny that an entire busload of tourists were staring up at my window. Or maybe it’s the McDonald’s sign they were really interested in. :-)


Tai Chi morning

Spotted this exercise class while walking through Bryant Park Tuesday morning.


NYC Bike Share

NY is about to launch a bike share program, which is very exciting. These bike racks have been cropping up all over the city over the past few weeks. Here is a photo of one of them empty, since it’s probably the last time you’ll ever see one empty. Bring on the bikes! 


Yoga Class

Madison Square Park Yoga Class. The famous Shake Shack is in the background to the left.


Yoga Class

The Grass is Back at Bryant Park!

All winter long, this area is covered by the ice skating rink and the restaurant. That’s all gone and the grass is back!


Bryant Park Lawn

Freedom Tower

This is the view of the Freedom Tower from 26th Street between 10th and 11th Ave. This was taken on May 8, 2013.


view from 26th Street

view from 26th Street

Just another day in NYC

I think the photo speaks for itself.



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